Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To the Immature Folks -- Please Grow Up. Thank You.

So I have decided that life would be sooo much better if people would just grow up, take things as they come, be mature and just get over it. Lately some things have been going on that have made me realize that some things are just not worth getting upset about. When things happen, you have to learn that it's done and nothing you can do will change it. Things happen for a reason -- whether we like it or not. But I guess it goes back to us being responsible for our actions. Some people need a reminder on that lesson.

So on another note, Spirit Days is slowly wrapping up. 2 sessions down and 1 to go! =) I have really enjoyed being a HPC this year. All my parent PC's have been doing such a great job! They are such a great group of students and I have really gotten close to them! :) And as usual, I've been befriending more and more parents this year! Miss Anita during first session and then the Green Family during the second session! No matter how dreadful the sessions may be going, it's parents like that that make it worth all the while! :)

There is another great thing going on in my life right now that always makes me smile when i think about it. It has really made me a more patient person and understanding person. Nothing brightens up my day more to when I got text today saying "I felt good being around you all the time. My good side comes out when I am with you because of your bright personality and I thank you for that." <--- No matter the day from hell I might have been having, that just wipes it away.

Lately, I've gotten to know some friends better and I've very thankful for that. You always have friends but then there comes a time where you just have that wonderful bonding session that make you "wow, ok. that was a freakin awesome time!" haha!

So keep my family in ya'lls prayers. We go to Dallas next week to see what's next on the list for my momma. It's been a stressful time but we are getting through it day by day and having strong faith. That's all we can do. :)

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Shahala said...

Cupcake.. I saw what you put in the Corona. I have eyes everywhere!
And I'll keep you and yours in my prayers. I'm so glad things are going well in your life right now. No one deserves happiness more than you. You bring much to into many people's lives. Mine included.