Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To the Immature Folks -- Please Grow Up. Thank You.

So I have decided that life would be sooo much better if people would just grow up, take things as they come, be mature and just get over it. Lately some things have been going on that have made me realize that some things are just not worth getting upset about. When things happen, you have to learn that it's done and nothing you can do will change it. Things happen for a reason -- whether we like it or not. But I guess it goes back to us being responsible for our actions. Some people need a reminder on that lesson.

So on another note, Spirit Days is slowly wrapping up. 2 sessions down and 1 to go! =) I have really enjoyed being a HPC this year. All my parent PC's have been doing such a great job! They are such a great group of students and I have really gotten close to them! :) And as usual, I've been befriending more and more parents this year! Miss Anita during first session and then the Green Family during the second session! No matter how dreadful the sessions may be going, it's parents like that that make it worth all the while! :)

There is another great thing going on in my life right now that always makes me smile when i think about it. It has really made me a more patient person and understanding person. Nothing brightens up my day more to when I got text today saying "I felt good being around you all the time. My good side comes out when I am with you because of your bright personality and I thank you for that." <--- No matter the day from hell I might have been having, that just wipes it away.

Lately, I've gotten to know some friends better and I've very thankful for that. You always have friends but then there comes a time where you just have that wonderful bonding session that make you "wow, ok. that was a freakin awesome time!" haha!

So keep my family in ya'lls prayers. We go to Dallas next week to see what's next on the list for my momma. It's been a stressful time but we are getting through it day by day and having strong faith. That's all we can do. :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dear Summer - You have been full of twists and turns.

Ok so wow -- it's been a while since I've updated this thing! :) I know you all have been on the edge of your seats wanting to know what's been going on, so let's get started.

Here is the chain of events that have happened for my family in the past 2 months:
Mom has wreck --> Has MRI --> Discovers 3 masses in her body and realizes her gallbladder needs to come out. 2 are ok but one on her kidney leads doctors to send her to another one --> Biopsy done on her kidney --> Finds out she has cancer --> Go to Dallas at the end of this month to discuss surgery options --> and finally at the end of the year, have one big surgery that invovles: a hysterectomy, gallbladder removal as well as whatever they decide about her kidney.

So needless to say, all that's been a freakin nightmare at the Reyes household. But all we can do is just take it day by day and see what happens.

Other than that, things have been going so far so good. There is a new certain someone in my life. I will keep him a secret. Some people know and some don't. Don't feel upset if you are in the DONT KNOW category. You will find out eventually. Hopefully it things keep going great, I'll introduce him to the parents at the end of the month. So keep your fingers crossed for me on that! :) Haha! Cause if you know my mom, you'll understand what I'm talking about! Haha!

Summer has been going great so far! Just staying busy and I really like it that way. It's nice to not have to worry about classes. All I'm doing is working and making money, which I REALLY need! Haha!

There are other things on my mind but I need to save a whole other post. Trust me, it's gonna need one because it has to deal with a guy. LoL

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dear Summer - I predict an adventure from you!


Needless to say, that this semester has been the oh-quite eventful one!! Haha! Oh the memories made these past few months. There some things that I wish I could forget or go back and change but that's what makes life crazy at times!

I have a feeling that this summer is going to be an interesting one, to say the least. I'm not doing summer classes, just working which only means more time on my hands to get into trouble! Haha! :)

Hope everyone else had a great semester as well! All we can do now is wait for what summer '09 brings this year!! :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dear April - You were confusing to me like no other!

So it's been a while since I've posted on the 'ol blog here.... Oh where do I start?? Since April is pretty much going to be it's own blog, I'm writing two because May needs one as well, right? :)

First off, boys: You like to complicate our lives like it's a hobby of yours. But then again, us girls actually enjoy it sometimes. Haha! Depending on who the fella might me..

April was eventful to say the least. Every weekend was a memorable one. First weekend: ODPhi party; meeting new people; dancing like there was no tomorrow; and a result of a smashed hand in the car door. Second weekend: [Easter weekend] at home relaxing with the family and catching up on all homework that I knew wouldn't get done the following week. Third weekend: Alphapollo Weekend. Oh sweet Jesus, Enough said there. Friday consisted of working a Preview Day that the Alpha's hosted and then trying to get my errands done. That night was the Delta Probate show followed by an evening of catching up with a friend of mine, who I didn't realize how much I did miss him until we talked. Saturday was rush rush rush trying to get our punch done [kudos to Michele for making a bad-A punch!!] and then trying to get to the show on time. Here is my rule when it comes to the multi-cultural events -- Whatever time they tell you to show up, add about 30-45 minutes to that and THAT is when you show up cause that is when it will ACTUALLY start! Haha! But I love them anyways! So the show turned out pretty awesome. Although at one point I was scared for my life as a certain someone kept walking by me ... *LoL* Anyhoo -- Michele and I made our rounds for the night which consisted of: stopping by TKE Elite for a hot minute [literally, a few minutes]; going to eat at IHOP, where a gorgeous, nice smelling man sat behind us who called his momma and told her he loved her [how sweet is that!!!]; then off to the Afterparty. I love their parties! & Michele was in for a shock which I loved more! I've been trying to get her to one of these for a while now and now she can really understand when I talk about them and what goes on at these things! Haha! But she had a great time and I wouldn't have brought anyone else!! :) Also, I literally think I sweat off a good 5 pounds at that show! Gosh it was hotter than Satan's bedroom floor in that room! Guys [and some gals too] were pretty much half naked during the party. Which was alright by me cause there were some hotties in there, but moving on... By the end of the night, my hair was wet. And what cracks me up is when were leaving at 3am, guys were waiting outside to take their pick of the ladies walk out. Excuse me fellas, we all look like hot messes that just walked out of a sauna and you wanna take it home?? Wow. Anyhoo, the next day consisted of me laying in bed all day recovering from an AWESOME weekend!! And dear Michele, thank you for making the weekend ten times better! I had so much fun with you!! ILY.

The rest of April consisted of other fun events that were never planned but hey, those turn out to be the best adventures! So April turned out to be a pretty good month full of twists and turns like a roller coaster, which I loved but sometimes was just talking to God being like "I know you know what you're doing but REALLY?!?" LoL

So that was my April in a nut shell. :) & What a month it was! Wouldn't trade it for anything.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dear Spring Break - you were great to me.

Hello all!

So this past week was Spring Break, and let me tell you -- it could NOT have come at a better time! Gosh I needed a break from this place!!! Well, I think everyone needed a break. I'm afraid a few more days here and most of us would have climbed the bell tower going insane.

So the break did NOT go at all as planned. Sometimes that is a good thing. San Antonio [& my date with buddy Eddie D.] did not happen. Very sad face. Fort Worth [& seeing my awesome ex-roomie] also did not happen. So I was here until Tuesday. Which don't get me wrong, I actually really enjoyed being here while no one else was here. The quiet was nice and it almost felt like summer [including the weather!] here. I stayed and helped Shahala count pennies from last week's GREEK WEEK PENNY WAR. And let me tell you, coins are gross! Anyhoo, so after that we dabbled in some tennis playing. Well, mostly just jacking around but it was still a pretty good work out! :)

So then I went home Tuesday and stayed until Sunday night. Wednesday consisted of spending time with my little cousin Megan. I wish I had the energy of little kids. She wore me out that day completely! We went to the zoo and then McDonalds and then to Dairy Queen. So much fun though! Here is us with the monkey's at the zoo:

So all in all, it was such a fun day since I don't ever get to do stuff with her! Thursday was filled with cleaning up around the house and just being lazy. It was nice too! Then Friday was errand running with mom and going out with my besty [who I NEVER get to hang with!!] which turned into the best night that I've had in a LONG time! :) At first, I just wanted to go out to eat and then call it an early night but then I was like "Umm no. I want to go out!" So we went to downtown Amarillo to have dinner. Next to the restaurant were 2 different clubs/bars. Cassie's uncle [who is a gay mexican man! HILARIOUS man!] just happened to be at one of the bars down the sidewalk. So as we are walking, we run into some people and this is where the argument happens. Let me see up the scene for you fab readers:

There are 4 people wearing "I LOVE JESUS" shirts walking towards us. They seem friendly so when the dude started to talk, we responded. No problem. This is how the conversation goes:

Dude: "Good evening ladies. How are ya'll? Mind if I talk to ya for a sec?"
Us: "We're great. Sure, why not?"
Dude: "Are either of ya'll married?
" [at this time, I just point to Cassie]
Cassie: "Well I am."
Dude: "Well how would you like it if he cheated on you?"
Cassie: " I wouldn't."
Dude: "What about if he went out with the other girl?"
Cassie: "Still wouldn't like it."
Dude: "What about if he even just thought about it?"
Cassie: "Umm the answer is still the same."
Dude: "When then how do you think Jesus feels having you cheat on him by going into these bars here?!"
[at this point, he starts quoted verses from the Bible regarding sinning.]
Cassie: "We are meeting my uncle and we surround ourselves
with good people and we are doing nothing wrong."
Me: "Have you seen the movie 'Footloose' sir?"
Dude: "Yeah..."
Me: "Well, if you happen to remember in the end while he is fighting his case at the city council meeting, he quotes verses regarding 'dancing and rejoicing in front of the Lord and for the Lord." Tonight we are dancing and celebrating life.
Dude: "Well, I'm not condemning you are anything..."
Us: "You have a good evening..."
[and we walk away to dance!]

But after that little chat with that guy, it kind of upset us a bit. Who is he to tell us what we should be doing and start questioning OUR Faith. But we didn't let it ruin our evening. So we met up with Cassie's uncle at the nice little place. Very classy after 5pm type bar. There was some live music going on and they were FABULOUS. So we had a martini and got to know people a bit. Cassie's uncle had a friend with him [who was a straight good looking Cowboy] and then we decided to go next door to dance the night away. [By this time, our new 'friends' had left. Prolly to go watch Footloose] Anyhoo, at this club, it was FLASHBACK FRIDAY. Oh dear it was soooo much fun!!! We brought back alot of the dance moves from Jr High and High School dances. It never got too crowded and we had SOO much fun just cutting loose! A guy proceeded to quote Kat Williams to me later in the night! [He is my new best friend!] This is how the convo went after be buys me a drink:

Dude: "Tonight, I'm not gonna follow you. I'm just gonna follow by $7 investment!"
"OMG, did you just quote Kat Williams to me?!"

Dude: "Oh you know him?!"

But it was alot of fun that night and it made me realize how much I miss my friend from home. We've both been through so much together and sometimes it takes those little things to make you realize who the best ones in life are and we are best friends. I heart this girl. One lady asked if we were sisters. Nope, but we sure act like it sometimes.

The rest of the weekend consisted of recovering from Friday night. Haha! :) But it was all worth it. Thank you Spring Break 2009!


So now it's back to school for the rest of the semester. I have a feeling this week is gonna be an interesting week, I mean today alone was interesting. There is a foam party on Friday. Not too sure yet if I'm gonna go. The last foam party I went to, didn't have a great experience. So we'll have to see.

Also, it's nice to see how childish people can be. All it does to me is make me laugh cause you're only making yourself seem like a jack-a$$. You try to play off that you are 'all that a bag of potato chips'. Sorry honey, you're not. Hate to break that news to you. But no worries -- at that should be ending pretty soon.

Anyhoo -- hope this week still stays going great! We can only hope. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dear February - Was there a reason why you sucked?

So dear February February February -- where did we go wrong? I thought you were suppose to be the 'love' month and blah blah blah ... Well in 2009, you must have decided to take the year off! *LoL*

First off: I have something that needs to be said to a certain someone. And what better way than to do it on the blog! So here goes:

[First, I know that I have done some things that I probably shouldn't have BUT that's part of life and those are lessons learned. Yes, I'm not the person that I thought I'd be 5 years ago. But that's called growing up and finding out who you REALLY are. I'm having fun right now and learning more and more about the person that I am and that's what matters. Don't sit there and judge me when you do the EXACT same things that you are judging me for. I'm sorry that I am busy all the time and you feel like I'm ignoring you. It's called being an adult and having stuff on my plate that needs to get done and excuse me for being involved and having a life. It actually cracks me up that you spend so much time wondering about my life and what I'm doing. It's kinda flattering to think I'm that interesting. But if you have that BIG of a prob with me and my life choice right now, you know where the door is. I know who my true friends are.]

*sigh* I feel soo much better! Moving on... *LoL*

So the wonderful thing that was happening in January happened to spill over into February which made me happy. However, it ended as quickly as it started. It's a lesson learned and in the end, I ended with having a good friend and getting to know him more and more every time we talk. It was a dark day though for me. I hadn't cried that much in a long time. And bless my poor co-workers... I tried to hide it but they know me too well and could see it in my face. It was like one of those things that I was fine until someone said something to me and then Niagra Falls came out of my eyes! Haha! But thank god for having amazing friends to lean on during all that. [Gracias Michelle & Shahala & AnTuan! :)] It just sucks to have all these amazing guys in my life and yet, there is a barrier for each and every one of them of why it won't go anywhere. Whether it be that they are already with someone or they have their own personal barriers, it just sucks. I mean, I'm glad they are in my life as friends but DANG IT! Haha!

One good thing is that I did go out more during this month. Oh the lovely Alpha party for Valentines Day... those boys know how to throw a good one! And then the Sigma party later on in the month where I was blessed to take Michele to her first 'multi-cultural frat party' [didn't really know how to word that without making it sound weird or racist! LoL] Boy, oh, boy that was a night to remember! Let's reminisce with some quotes from that evening, shall we:

Michele: "Brandy - that's the car he was driving!"
Me: "Omg - he beat us here! He told me he didn't know if he was coming out here or not!"
Me while Michele had the car door open: "CLOSE THE DOOR!"
Michele: "Can you promise a cute white air force man?"
Me: "I can get ya a black man wearing air force ones! Will that work?"
and the best for last: ".... and we DID hang out!"

**Michele: I had so much fun with you that night! You are now officially my going out buddy to those parties! You, me and Skins! hahaha!**

And last but not least, let's not forget the nights at Stage. Oh boy. Those memories will stay in my mind and better off not written out! haha! :) But all in all, the going out parts of this month have been great!

I have noticed that this month has been the month of JUDGING. People are getting judged who they hang out with; people are getting judged on maturity levels [cause apparently we don't decide those... 'Hey Michele - What' s the level today?!' :)] and apparently, I am getting judged for going out more this semester. Last time I checked, I'm a 22 year old gal wanting to have a great time and dance. Didn't know that was such an act of crime. Hmm, maybe I should check up on the latest laws. But on a happier note: I am LOVING the crew that I go out with now to parties. I'm getting loving the KDChi girls more and more I hang out with them and I love it EVEN MORE that Michele has joined us! I have really felt that I've gotten closer and tighter with the most amazing girls ever. It makes for one fun crew! The Sigma party was so much fun with them. Too bad we didn't have a camera. Actually, prolly a good thing we didn't have one!

And oh the basketball game against WTAMU. I'm REALLY surprised we weren't kicked out of that one. Especially with Dr. Farrell sitting kinda close by. Haha! But that was a fun night as well.

One best part of Feb was the Steelers WINNING the Super Bowl! Oh what a night, what a night that was in the Reyes household! Those last 2 minutes were heart attack city in our house! But what a game that way! :)

I don't think I'm been to Starbucks as much as I have lately. Which is a good thing! Thank you Michele for that! :) It's a good study place as well as a good place to people watch.. Oh lordy some people just don't own a mirror, do they?

Ok - so now that I look back on it, I did have some great moments. I think it just sucked in the area of relationships and certain friendships. This for sure was a month of finding out who I can and can't tell things to AND who my true friends are that will be there for me no matter what. I was hoping the one relationship would have kept going but in REALITY, it's better off that we kept it as friends. I have just come to conclusion that we can't control the things that we would like to have most control over. So whatever happens, HAPPENS! :)

Hopefully March will go better, not only for me, but for all my friends as well. February was just brutal to everyone, it seems. So here's to March and no negative thinking! :) :) And whatever happens... HAPPENS! Sometimes they are the best adventures yet!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm just tired...

..of messing with this relationship game with the fellas.

Dear fellas, realize when you have something great in your life. Realize when you have something that will treat you right. Realize that you are the one in an unhappy relationship and that there is something better out there. When you realize that, you know where I am.